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Personal Injury Accidents

Have you been injured in an Auto, Truck or Motorcycle Accident, or Slip and Fall or other accident? Then let our team of Injury Doctors, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist and Case Managers help you. We're often asked by patients, "Who should I call first, the doctor or the attorney? The answer is simple...Call the Doctor first. Because, "if the accident didn't cause a medical problem then you have NO Personal Injury case".  But, if you do have injuries, then we will be able to start getting you out of pain immediately.  We can then tell your attorney, what injuries you have; and, what treatment will be necessary. The attorney can talk to the insurance companies with knowledge of your injuries. Get the treatment you need so your attorney can get you the settlement you deserve.

Many of our patients tell us that they went to the Hospital after the accident for treatment but NO ONE WILL TREAT THEM AND HOLD PAYMENT TO SETTLEMENT. That's where we come in. Millar Chiropractic is a member of the Accident Medical, LLC team of treating clinics and doctors. As an Accident Medical treatment clinic, if we accept your case, WE HOLD YOUR BILL UNTIL YOUR CASE SETTLES. 

If you're in pain from an Accident or injury, we offer you our Free* Consultation and Personal Injury Body Survey Evaluation.  We will 

san_antonio_auto_accident_lawyer_1.jpgcar_20auto_20accident_1.jpgreview your prior medical evaluation and treatment.  We do a history and examination. We will then go over our findings and recommendations. All this for NO CHARGE TO YOU.

Then, if injured, we will then schedule you with one of our Injury Doctors for a full Examination with X-rays if needed, and start your treatment. You will also meet with our team of Personal Injury Case Managers who can help you find an attorney that is right for your case.  Its all in the Call.

for your Free* Personal Injury Evaluation


slip_and_fall_1_1.jpgIf you already have an attorney, then so much the better and we can get right on your treatment. We have 5 offices in an around the Huntsville area so we're close to home or work. Don't stay in pain. Get the treatment you need so your attorney can get you the settlement you deserve. Together we will determine what Doctors and providers you need as we offer Medical, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and  Massage. 

We often have slip_and_fall2_1.jpgpeople come to us and say "Well I went to the ER and they took and x-ray, didn't say much, gave me some pain meds and muscle relaxers and sent me packing".  I'm still in pain. What do I do?" Call us immediately and set up your Free consultation and Body Survey Evaluation. We can tell you from years of experience, that just because the ER didn't find a life threatening problem, doesn't mean you don't have serious medical and chiropractic problems. Some problems that walk out of ER's take years to develop. 

for your Free* Personal Injury Evaluation

At Millar Chiropractic Clinc, we have been treating injury victimsauto_accident_1.jpg for over 15 years. Our Injury Doctors specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. We provide proper documentation of your injuries in the form of computerized detailed narratives and daily treatment notes. This documentation and daily treatment notes are crucial for your case and your attorney to get you the a settlement that will fully compensated you for your injuries.

Millar Chiropractic Clinic has 15 years experience making sure our patients get the proper care necessary for their injuries.  We are one of the largest Personal Injury treatment clinics in Alabama. If you desire, we will also help you get the best legal advice and representation for your accident and injuries. We work with some of the largest PI attorneys in our area and we will be glad to offer a selection of good attorneys to work your case. "It's all in the call" and we will take care of the rest.

Who Pays the Bill?
Good Question. Lets start with fault. Generally the person at fault or their insurance company pays the bill.  So, if it's not your fault, then in most cases, with attorney representation, we hold your bill until final settlement. That's what Personal Injury means.  YOU do not have to pay until your case settles. We feel that your injuries are such that we are willing to treat you and wait payment until your settlement.

What if you're at Fault and you're hurting? Then come in for the same Free* Consultation and we will contact your auto insurance company for you to see what they will do to cover your medical bills. Many auto policies have Medpay or similar benefits. You maybe able to use your health insurance or Medicare. You may even want pay in cash check or credit card.

Why Chiropractic Care? 

After an injury or fall, the body often swells with edema as it tries to stabilize injured areas. Also the injured body, at the cellular level has possibly thousands of micro (small) tears of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. This limits range of motion and causes pain. These are called strains and sprains. What's interesting is that strains and sprains often take longer to heal than a broken bone. Chiropractic treatment helps restore the body to its original normal state. We help restore range of motion and function. Results of course vary based on your injuries and other factors such as how long you wait to get care.

Left untreated many injuries can turn chronic (pain for years). Do not let your injuries develop into a chronic condition that will be bothersome for the rest of your life. Get the proper treatment now.  Call Millar Chiropractic today so we can get you on the road to recovery. It's all in the call. Toll Free 1-800 WHY HURT.

Free* No Cost to you. However, what we find in the Free* Consultation and Body Survey Evaluation may require us to do a more detailed full examination including but not limited to Spinal Exam, Orthopedic test, Neurological test, Range of Motion test, Muscle Test, X-rays and even advanced imaging to determine the full extent of your injuries. It also may require us to refer you to an appropriate specialist in a particular field of Medicine. Should you elect to go forward with your Full Examination and Care then you can expect additional charges for related services.  And as in all Medical and Chiropractic treatment results may vary.