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Sciatica: Leg Pain/Weakness Treatment Center
Dr. Justin Walbom, DC 

Dr. Greg Millar DC CCEP 
Dr. Helen Stoddard MD 

Get Relief from Sciatica
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Sciatica Symptoms:

  • Pain that originates in the low back or your buttocks and courses down along the path of the sciatic nerve into the back of the thigh or hip.  This pain can even radiate into the lower leg, foot or toes. 
  • This pain is described as sharp and shooting, can be prickling or "pins-and-needles", often with numbness or tingling or burning.  
  • Symptoms are normally down one buttock or leg. Sometimes No Back Pain only leg symptoms. It can be down both legs but usually that is another cause. Remember you can have multiple pain generators going on at the same time. All need to be treated.
  • Leg weakness (can feel like its going to go out from under you or worse it doesn't hold you) when you move the leg or foot or try to stand.
  • Symptoms worse with coughing, sneezing or bearing down (on the toilet) or sudden movements or  moving from sitting to standing.

If you have one or more of these symptoms
you may have Sciatica

The Good News Is We Can Help!

Our program uses new technologies and techniques proven to help stop your Sciatica pain....FAST

What Makes Us Different?

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Lasting Results From New Technology

We spend the time with history, examination and testing to get to the core or root cause of your problem or problems. We find that most patients have more than one cause of their Sciatica. Every pain generator or cause must be treated individually for you to have relief and lasting results. We know that most of you have tried other treatment and failed. So it's nice to have choices and options again. We offer lasting results without drugs or surgery.

Our clinics are proud to be on the medical forefront by offering these "State of the Art" FDA approved technologies such as laser, decompression traction, disc pump and electroneurostimulators. We utilize the LDCR Protocol developed by Dr. Millar while working for years with the Neurosurgeons of UAB Dept of Neurosurgery. The LDCR Protocol stands for Laser-Decompression Traction-Corrective-Rehabilitation. We also use the Millar Facet/Stenosis table for those with that added condition.  Yes results vary but we are very pleased with our 75-80% results. In medicine that is a home run.

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New Approach

Coordinated Treatment

We incorporate the latest in research regarding sciatica into our treatment protocols. Research has shown that most back pain is caused by two causes, mechanical compression and chemical inflammation. In the past five years, studies show that this chemical inflammation called tumor necrosis factor-alpha (now that's a mouth full) causes chemical radiculitis (radiating pain).  Why not use a protocol that treats both causes. The "LDCR Protocol" does just that. The Laser treats the chemical inflammation and the Decompression Traction treats the mechanical compression. The Corrective Chiropractic gently helps heal the spine, ligaments, tendons and muscles while the Rehabilitation gives the long term stabilization and endurance to help ensure the problem does not repeat itself." Dr. Greg Millar  DC CCEP

Even if you've tried one of these like chiropractic or decompression traction in the past you must give our new approach a try for yourself. All you have to lose is your pain.

Our final secret weapon is our coordinated treatment and team approach with Dr. Greg Millar DC CCEP; Dr. Justin Walbom DC and Dr. Helen Stoddart MD.  We cover the waterfront and offer you the very best in experienced care. 

With Treatment Many of Our Patients Experience: 

  1. Rapid Relief of Symptoms.
  2. Reduce Medications.
  3. Enjoy an Active Lifestyle Again.
  4. Start sleeping Again.
  5. Improved Mood - lower anger and frustration.
  6. Get Your Old Life Back.

So What Do You Get With This Offer:

  1. Free Consultation (15-20 min meeting with the Doctor)
  2. Exam Fee $49 reg $149- or use your insurance
    • Millar 20 Point Sciatica Pain Exam
    • Spinal Exam position, curves, motion, fixations, degenerative conditions
    • Spinal Nerve Exam
    • Sacral Exam
    • SI Joint Exam
    • Sciatica Nerve Exam
    • Piriformis Muscle Exam
    • Grinding, clicking, and popping noises
    • Painful turning and motion
    • Compensations
    • Reflexes
    • Pinched Nerves, Entrapped Nerves,
    • Tendons, and Ligament pain and problems
    • Muscle spasms and trigger points
    • Muscle testing for muscle weakness
    • Joint pain, stiffness, weakness
    • Overall joint and body alignment and Posture
    • Orthopedic test
    • Neurological test Sensory & Motor
    • Range of Motion Exam
    • Palpation Exam
    • Nutritional evaluation
  3. X-Rays $50 a region reg $150 region includes MD radiologist reading of films or use your insurance​

Get Relief from YOUR Sciatica
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