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Rehabilitation Care

Complete Rehabilitation

Once out of pain, then your Millar Chiropractor incorporates our "Complete Rehab"Our Chiropractors design a custom rehabilitation therapy program that starts where you are "now" and builds with you. With"Complete Rehab" we design a custom therapy program for your balance, flexibility, range of motion, strength and endurance. All our Chiropractors passed the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Physiotherapy Board. 

Many people have tried exercise therapy only to find that it makes them worse. Why? We know that if you start exercise therapy before the patient is ready then the patient will get worse. So first we have to get the patient out of pain or get the pain diminished greatly before you start an exercise program. 

Secondly not every patient can do every exercise or therapy to start. We must start where the patient is "NOW."  Meaning if the patient is sedentary and can't get up or move freely then it makes no sense to apply exercises that the patient can't do or make them worse. Slow and easy is our hallmark. We get there just at the patients pace. 

What we find is that Complete Rehab is just want the patient needs. Rehab Therapy at their pace. Rehab therapy that addresses balance, flexibility, range of motion, strength and endurance.